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Everyone wants to have a nice lawn, but many struggle with the heat of the summer and watering the lawn.  Whether it is a high water bill or a water ban in your city/town, it can become difficult to keep the lawn green all summer long.  AquaStretch can help!  

AquaStretch is a surfactant that reduces the surface tension of the water and allows the water to penetrate the root zone.  It is proven to reduce run-off, improve uniform penetration and distribution of water, and reduce water use by 20-30%.  

Also, by moving water off the surface and into the root zone more efficiently, it helps to reduce runoff on sloped areas and increases fertilizer efficiency resulting in more uniform appearance.  

For maximum results, it is recommended that the product is applied 4 times per year (May, June, July and August).  However, you do not need to sign up for all 4 applications.  You can sign up for one application and then take each application thereafter on a case-by case basis.  There's no harm in trying out an application to see the difference it can make in your lawn!

Have a well?  This product is also great for those on a well as it reduces watering needs, so you therefore will save money on energy costs.  Also, for those with wells that have a limited capacity, running the well every couple of days instead of every day will help conserve water!

Please note: This product REDUCES watering.  It does not eliminate watering.  You will still have to water your lawn, but the watering will be more efficient and less frequent.  Product should be applied BEFORE the lawn goes dormant, so don't delay!

In addition to AquaStretch programs, we also offer a complete line of specialty services to compliment our fertilizer programs: (click any of the items below for more information)

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Slice Seeding
Top Dressing
 ● De-thatching
Lime & Gypsum Applications
Flea/Tick Control
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